If you are located in Visalia, Tulare, Hanford or Lemoore, California, I will provide you these services in person. If you are not located near me, check my Etsy shop to see what is available for you or send me an email and we could figure something out.

Services Description Price
Spiritual Home Cleansing I use a smudge stick, salt and sometimes oils, herbs, stones, and candles to spiritually cleanse the home. (Only if you are located near me) $50
Cartomancy Readings I can provide you a reading through recorded video, live video (skype), on the phone, and if you are located near me, in person. Varies
Custom Spells I will create a custom spell, just built for you! Varies
Purpose Insence I can put together incense with a specific intent, just for you! Varies
Purpose Candles I can put together a candle with a specific intent, just for you! Varies


Cartomancy Reading Options


Option Description
Video I will ask the information I need for the reading. When I have the information, I will create a video recording of the reading for you and post it on youtube. (Takes about week)
Phone With a scheduled time and day, we can do your reading over the phone. After the conversation I will send a picture of the cards to you.
Live Video Chat With a scheduled time and day, we can do a live video chat.
In Person Only if you are located near me, I can meet you for a reading.

“You are safe here. I will not claim you have some “evil spell” that needs to be cured and charge you ridiculous amount of money. I will be as real as I can to you about everything. Let me tell you, if a psychic does a reading for you and tells you that you have a curse and it will cost $100+ to cure you, THEY are lying to you. DONT GET SCAMED! there are tons of dirty people out there who give “fortune tellers” a bad reputation. Don’t fall for anything that seems to ridiculous.”

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what actions you take due to any service I provide you. My services should not be used to substitute for any professional help.