Spirit Guide Offering

An offering to your spirit guides;

This is a ritual I created myself when I was very young.
You’ll Need:
-Degradable material (like paper)
-Food your spirit guide prefers (a canine would prefer meat)
-A white candle
-A letter giving thanks to your guide

1. find a nice power spot
2. dig a small hole
3. place the food in the and letter inside.
4. light the candle and set it aside
5. say thanks again and then cover the hole with food and letter in it.
6. call your guide by singing its call (example: a wolf would howl) or you can just focus on the guide.
7. Offer incense or let the white candle burn out.

Full Moon Ritual

A ritual to honor the moon and recharge your energies;
When;On the night of a full moon (duh)

Bring together the circle and chant the welcoming centering song (hey ya hey) Watch and admire the moon. Bring forth your energies and begin to open the circle.
Begin clockwise and spiral inward while chanting the welcoming centering song.

Welcoming Song:
Hey ya hey
Hey ya hey
Hey ya hey
Hey ya hey
Yo hey
Yo hey
Yo hey
Yo hey

One person at a time. Chant the song and imagine a portal opening. When you reach the center thank the moon for all it’s gifts. (wolf therians normally end this prayer with a howl)

Begin to close the circle counter clockwise, see the portal closing. (some one needs to drum and rattle when the portal closes)

Everyone completes the ritual, we have an offering to put in the circles center (corn meal works best)

Then everyone celebrates with a feast, then everyone sits down at a bon fire and tells stories.

This ritual will leave you feeling energized, as you pull positive energies from the earth and moon.

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