Cleansing A Tarot Deck

Cleansing your tarot cards is something you should do at least monthly with your deck. When you cleanse your tarot cards it removes negative energies, energies that it may have picked up from being around, or lingering energies from people who have received a reading from you.

So how do i know when to cleanse my cards?

1. When you first purchase or receive a new tarot deck.

2. After your deck has done readings for at least several different people.

3. If someone who has a bad aura or makes you feel unconfortable has handled your cards.

4. If your cards are giving you readings that are way out of whack.

5. At least once a month if you are using the deck constanly.


To do a cleanse it is very simple. The first step is to put your cards into order. Begin by putting all your major arcana cards in order from 0-21 or 1-22 (the number order depends on your deck)

Then put all your minor arcana suits in order. The minor arcana are the cards that are listed as cups, wands, pentacles, and swords. Seperate each suit so you have four suits and the major arcana cards laying infront of you ontop of a cloth.

Minor Arcana Order: King, Queen, Knight, Page, Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Begin by using a smudging stick on yourself to rid yourself of any negativity. Then, pick up each suit including the major arcana and let the smoke swirl around the cards. When you are done smudging the cards, set them back down (still in the order we have it) and sprinkle a pinch of salt onto the back of the cards. Leave the salt on for about a good five minutes and then tap it off so that the salt falls onto the cloth you have underneath your cards.

Finally, put your deck together. Still being in order, tap the back of the cards three times and set them aside. Roll of the cloth which has the salt on it, and return the salt to the earth. That is all! your deck is ready to be used!

So what exactly does all this do?

First of all, the sage smoke should cleanse our your cards by removing any nearby negative energies.

The little salt crystals that you sprinkle onto your cards absorb foreign and negative  energy within your deck.

Putting your deck in order ‘resets’ your deck.



You can use stones to help cleanse your cards.

After every reading you do, tap the cards three times or blow air onto each side.

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