Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards



Pretty cards arn’t they?


That is exactly what crossed my mind when they showed up on the invoice for the restocking package we received. The wonderful little metaphysics store in which I work had decided to order in a whole new set of tarot and oracle cards. It had been a while, that i have been searching for the right oracle cards for me. I’m not gonna lie. I am extremely picky when it comes to divination cards.

I saw the outside of the box and it was actually quite stunning.  I decided to buy it just to have some kind of oracle on my altar. But this is where it got good. I purchased the box, and the real surprise was on the inside. These cards are absolutely beautiful! I love them!  They are also very easy to interpret. I must say, these cards look way better physically then they do on their photos.

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards Can be bought here!

I just felt like i had to share this. I will be using them a lot :)

This is a 45-card oracle deck, and it even came with an awesome little book!

Cleansing Water

Many of us use sage to cleanse the house, which works great, but have you tried spiritual cleansing water?

I recently purchased this $2.00 bottle of cleansing water. It contains the scents and extracts of basil, rue, rosemary, pirul, artemis, mirto, and peppermint. I will have to say I am very satisfied with it’s work and will continue to use this.

I currently live in an apartment, in which the people before were evicted for drugs, child abuse, etc. I felt as if their energy has lingered within the walls and surface of the house. I have smudged the house many times, but I find this difficult as I can not always get the smoke to flow onto the counter top or ground for a good cleanse. Sure, the atmosphere was cleansed, but it would return to that heavy feeling after a couple days. This negative energy left behind started to affect people living in the apartment. There was a feeling of “Ugh I don’t want to stay home its depressing in here” there was such a heavy feeling in the house.

So, I bought this wonderful spiritual water which contain all the ingredients of powerful herbs used to remove negative energy. The instructions read that you clean your house with this water and sprinkle it around the room. So I did this. I mopped the floor with the water, cleaned down the counter tops with it, the bathroom, the kitchen, the rooms.

At first the room remained with a heavy feeling. I was disappointed because I thought it was a waste of money. But I was wrong. Within an hour or two I could feel the negativity begin to purge itself from the apartment. The next morning, it was fantastic. The atmosphere was light and the heavy feeling was gone!

I love this stuff!! It is very useful if you move to a new home, or buy a used item, even after arguments or anything left behind from other people. Also, it has a fantastic smell!

Beautiful Moon Phase Pentical Pendant

Today while I was at work, I took a double take at this beautiful pendant while I was cleaning out the glass jewelry case. It was absolutly gorgeous and I just -HAD- to take it home with me. I have no regrets buying it. It is absolutly beautiful and I freaking love it!

So I haven’t ever had a pentacle necklace, just never found one I liked. But I think I found it. I am satisfied! So here it is, I will share some pictures.

Anyways, So I am still trying to find a chain that I would like to keep it on. It didn’t come with one. Right now im using an old chain from an older necklace and i will keep it this way from now.

So anyways im going to take a wild guess and say that it is sterling silver. It looks like it, and it was in the glass cabnit, where most of the silver is kept. Whichever, I love it.

-UPDATE- So it officially past the sterling silver test. I’m extremely glad it is sterling silver, now I don’t have to worry about it fading and turning a gross brown color. Plus silver is my favorite kind. Sterling silver means its 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper. I verified that it is sterling silver by two tests.

1. It contains the number .925 engraved into the back, which represents the 92.5% of silver in it.

2. It is not attracted to a magnet. (Silver is not attracted to a magnet, and other metals used in fakes are attracted to magnets)

yay! :) got that worry of my mind!

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