Tarot Readings

Tarots readings.

Free Tarot Readings

* No Longer Available.

If you have been offered a free reading please follow these steps.

1. What is the subject of matter? (About a Relationships, General life, Work, School) *Pick One Topic*

2. Does if have to do with past, present or future? For example if you want to know about a relationship does it have to do with a past relationship, Current relationship, or future considering a relationship.

3. From there I will ask you for any more information I need.

For a free reading you are limited to two methods. I can record a video for you and post it on youtube, or I can read your cards over your a facebook account using messenger. (I will send you pictures.) So please let me know which method you would like.

• How long does it take for my free reading?: usually for youtube videos it can take up to a week at most, and for facebook readings it could be instant or a couple days.

Remember to give me a review after the reading! Thanks!

Free Tarot Readings

So late night yesterday I launched a test run for free tarot readings to see how many people in my area accept tarot readings. Within a couple hours I had a list of people. It was A success. After I complete a reading for each one of these people, I will begin to charge for readings at a cheap price of only $5.00

There is no catch to my readings, I will not ask you to buy a $97.00 bag of tea to rid “the negative energies around you”. If I feel there is something that needs to be taken care of,  I will simple tell you what you can do or give you what you need for free.

If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at euipoiwolf@gmail.com

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