The Chakra System – Brief Explanation

The Chakras are the key to physical health, emotional stability, mental clarity, and spiritual progression. They are vortexes of subtle energy swirling around sections of your body. They correspond with organs, emotions, colors, sounds, smells, stones, herbs, etc. The word “Chakra” comes from the Sanskrit, meaning “wheel” or “disc”. It is said that we have over thousands of Chakra points in our bodies, but seven of them are the most significant.


Charka Points

• Crown: Located on the top of your head the colors are violet, gold or white. The main issue is Spirituality.
• Third Eye: Located above and between the eyebrows, the color is indigo. The main issue is intuition and wisdom.
• Throat: Located Centrally at base of neck, the color is blue. The main issue is communication and self expression.
• Heart: Located at the center of the chest, the colors are green or pink. The main issue is love & Relationships.
• Solar Plexus: Located between the navel and base of sternum, the color is yellow. The main issue is Personal power and self will.
• Sacral: Located in the lower abdomen, between the navel and genitals, the color is orange. The main issue is Emotional balance and sexuality.
• Root: Located between the anus and genitals, the color is red. The main issue is Survival and physical needs.

*Will add more information overtime if requested*

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